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World History

Author: Vijay Prashad Model: The Withdrawal
Two of our most celebrated intellectuals grapple with the uncertain aftermath of the American collapse in Afghanistan“Through the structure of a deeply engaging conversation between two of our most important contemporary public intellectuals, we are urged to defy the inattention of the media to the ..
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Battles that Changed History
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Model: Battles that Changed History
From the fury of the Punic Wars to the icy waters of Dunkirk, relive more than 3,000 years of world-changing combat with this guide to the most famous battles in history, including a foreword from TV presenter and historian Sir Tony Robinson.This military history book takes you on a journey through ..
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The Secret World: A History of Intelligence
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Author: CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Model: The Secret World: A History of Intelligence
The first-ever detailed, comprehensive history of intelligence, from Moses and Sun Tzu to the present dayThe history of espionage is far older than any of today’s intelligence agencies, yet the long history of intelligence operations has been largely forgotten. The codebreakers at Bletchley Park, th..
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