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The Architect's Apprentice
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Author: ELIF SHAFAK Model: The Architect's Apprentice
The Architect's Apprentice is a dazzling and intricate tale from Elif Shafak, bestselling author of The Bastard of Istanbul.'There were six of us: the master, the apprentices and the white elephant. We built everything together...'Sixteenth century Istanbul: a stowaway arrives in the city bearing an..
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The Bastard of Istanbul
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Author: ELIF SHAFAK Model: The Bastard of Istanbul
A “vivid and entertaining” (Chicago Tribune) tale about the tangled history of two families, from the author of The Forty Rules of Love and The Architect’s Apprentice"Zesty, imaginative . . . a Turkish version of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club." --USA Today As an Armenian ..
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The Forty Rules of Love
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Author: ELIF SHAFAK Model: The Forty Rules of Love
In this follow-up to her acclaimed 2007 novel The Bastard of Istanbul, Turkish author Elif Shafak unfolds two tantalizing parallel narratives---one contemporary and the other set in the 13th century, when Rumi encountered his spiritual mentor, the whirling dervish known as Shams of Tabriz---tha..
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10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World
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Author: ELIF SHAFAK Model: 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World
In the first minute following her death, tequila Leila's consciousness began to ebb, slowly and steadily, like a tide receding from the shore. Her brain cells, having run out of blood, were now completely deprived of oxygen. But they did not shut down. Not right away.' our brains stay active for ten..
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